Wednesday, 31 March 2010

MY Week

Hi everyone,

Hope that you had a good week? I class my weeks tues-tues as i go to my WW meeting on a tuesday evening :)

So last night i went to my meeting. I was feeling like i would have lost about 1lb as i had stuck to my points but not really gone wild on the ole exercise. I was pretty pleased when i got on the scales to find out that i had lost 2.5 lbs :) WOOHOO.

Below is my menu which i had and exercise which i did to get me the loss....

Points Allowance 22

Day 1

milk -2
ham and egg on toast 1.5
grapes - 1
cereal bar - 1
milky bar - 1.5
WW beef hotpot ready meal and slice of bread - 4
crisps - 0.5
turkey - 2
butternut squash chilli wedges - 0
milky button x 1 - 0.5
wafer biscuit - 1
glass of rose - 1

TOTAL 16 -

Day 2
milk - 2
ham on toast - 2
tomatoes on toast - 2
tomato chicken and garlic bread - 6
crisps 1.5
choc cake 2

total = 15.5
saved = 6.5

milk = 2
weetabix - 2
salad with hot and spicy chicken peppers and egg (white only) - 2.5
ww chicken and lemon risotto - 5.5
potatoes - 1
peanutbutter on toast with marg - 5.5
vegimite on toast - 1

total 19.5
saved 2.5

milk - 2
bacon buttie with tomato sauce - 2.5
cereal bar - 1
monster munch 1.5
M&S curry potato crispbake - 3
M&S beef and mushroom stroganoff - 6
milky bar - 1.5

total 17.5
saved 4.5

milk - 2
ham on toast - 2
cereal bar - 1
grapes - 1
bacon and egg and tomato sauce buttie - 2.5
mash - 3
carrots and turnip - 0
broc - 0
yorkshire putting with beef in - 3
ww bluberry muffin -2.5
snackajacks 1.5

total 18.5
saved 3.5

milk - 2
weetabix - 2
soup 2
bread - 2
ww chicken jalfrezi - 4
cereal bar -1
crisps - 1
ham on toast with marg - 2

total -16
saved - 6

milk -2
ham on toast and marg - 2
orange - 1
grapes -1
toast x 2 and tomato sauce - 2
crisps 1
beef hotpot and mash - 6.5
lemon cake - 1
wine - 2

total 18.5
saved 3.5

I would say that in general this does not reflect my average week. I have been working a lot this week meaning that i have been out the house at 6:30 am, so i have been taking ham on toast with me in the car. In a normal week i tend to have either weetabix or bran flakes for my meals as i feel that these keep me fuller and more satisfied for longer.

In general i do no have margarine or butter on bread or toast but this week i have as if you do not eat toast straight away without any on then it tends to be rock hard.

I have also been working tll 9pm on some nights meaning that i have taken a ready meal to work with me for convenience. I dont tend to go for ready meals as you can get more for your points if you cook from fresh ( and it tastes nicer hehe).

Also (this applies to those who are also following WW ) i weigh all of my food out. I own the WW kitchen scales! They are fantastic!!!! i cant emphasise how great they are. Yes - THEY ARE VERY PRICEY!! however they can work out the points of anything for you :)

for those of you looking at my menu's i do not like the taste of the yolk in egg so i never eat it - only ever eat the white bit , the white of an egg has a points value of ZERO, the white bit has a points value of 1.5


Day 4 - 15 minutes on my exercise bike, 10 minute run
Day 5 - level 1 (20 mins) 30 day shred

yeah i know pretty poor effort there on the ole activity - I WILL TRY HARDER THIS WEEK :)

xx Butterfly xx

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Here are some pics of me at my current weight 13 st 11.5 lbs

Here are some before pics
Hi Everyone,

Ok so this is my first ever BLOG!

I have decided to start a blog to keep a diary of my journey of weight loss.

Here's the story so far...

On october 27th 2009 I decided to attend Weight Watchers for the first time ever in my life. Previously to this i had tried to lose weight but never really achieved anything more than 7lbs loss which i would never sustain! I have never really been one to get on the bandwagon for the 'fad' diets, so WW was my first REAL attempt to change my eating habits. When I had previously tried to make changes i had denied myself things that i wanted, which lead me to want them even more!!

So October 27th arrived and i decided to bite the bullet and go to my local WW meeting (alone). I had the shock of my life as the scales shouted back at me that i was a whopping 16 stone 12lbs!! (im 5"8 tall)

Fat pig!
How did i get to this weight?
Why had i let this happen?
I'll never be able to be "THIN"!

.... just a few of the negative thoughts that jumpped out at me!

so that was then...

Since starting WW back in October 2009 I have to date lost 3 stones 0.5 lbs (current weight 13 stone 11.5lbs)

I WAS a UK size 20-22 :(

I AM a UK 14-16 :)

So my journey continues... please come join me for the ups and the downs xx