Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hi Everyone :)

Hope you have all had a good day today? I have been a busy little bee but havent really done much at the same time :)

Have been shopping and got some new makeup - Loreal Studio Secrets , a primer and a foundation ... just had a little test of them now and they were pretty nice :) Has anyone else used these products - what are your views?

I have just been taking some piccies of some of my recent buys , so here they are ...

Finally , as you get to know me you will learn that i have a thing for stationary :) sad but true :P
Here are 2 notebooks i recently got :D
I saw this belt in a magazine and HAD to have it , its so cute (in joke for Gemma - i think its "straight off the horse " ;) )
I LOVE this Floral hoodie , its from New Look and was a SALE BARGAIN for £8

I really like this shirt - not the best picture to show it off really , it had black embroidered flowers around the bottom of it and its so cute :) I have been avoiding buying clothing as im constantly growing out of my stuff at the moment but the urge to shop got too much ;)
This peach spotty cardi is from Primark £9 BARGAIN!! i cant get enough of peach pink and coral at the moment :)

This is a picture of me with my new makeup on :)


  1. Oh guys - my post somehow got its order muddled :S

  2. Hahaha I love that belt! I saw it in my Mums magazine she brought from home! Straight of the horse indeed. If you see another can you get me one please and I will give you the dosh when you come to Spain?

    The makeup looks lovely :) You will have to review them when you have used them a bit!!!

    Flying back to Valencia tonight, back to reality! Booo. Amy is visiting on Wed though then you guys will be coming out! Canny wait xxx

  3. That cardigan is gorgeous!!!!!