Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hi everyone

So ive been busy pottering about and getting a few bits sorted and i totally forgot to keep you all updated last week!

Last tuesday i went to WW and i stayed the same. I was quite upset with this. I know its not a gain but i had been exercising hard doing the shred each day, so to have not seen a loss i was quite annoyed. Each week after WI i draw a line under it and start a fresh, so this week i have just been getting on with things as normal. So fingers crossed that i will have a loss on the scales this evening.

I havent really been up to much just getting organised as i start back at uni next week and commence my FINAL ever placement! ARGH im going to be a qualified nurse in september!!!! I cant quite get my head around this! Ive been keeping my eyes open for jobs but the ones i want havent been released yet so im checking daily like a mad woman in hope that they are up!!

Lastnight my boyfriend and I went to see the fabulous Laura Marling! She was so great, such a powerful voice :) She also had great support Alessi's Ark who was very good and i had been looking forward to also, and a band called BOY AND BEAR, they are from Sydney and were the perfect opener, please check them out



I got some new nail polish yesterday which i will do a separate blog for :) will come back later this evening hopefully to post about results and my nail polish ^_^

Bye for now :)


  1. I expect the reason you stayed the same is probably because you gained so much muscle from the shred =) It should balance out and you'll drop a fair bit of weight over the next few weeks xxx

  2. I agree with curlymoomin, that's my excuse for not shredding at the moment lol. My weigh in is tomorrow, but I don't think I have lost weight :(

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